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Recently graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art, I have fine-tuned my approach to what it is to see - a self-curated camera obscura. I am striving towards a goal that will unite contemplation, mimicry and the mastery of effects in order to explore the boundaries between art and science.

My work in pursuit of phenomena can seem at once personal, historical and mythological. At the same time, I am fascinated by how the science of perception and the physical world also unites us. As science discovers/uncovers the balance between the subjective and objective and between reality and artifice, we are moving towards a world in which everything seen can be simulated. Science can imagine data visually. As we colourise images of galaxies from the Webb telescope, it makes us question anything we see on a screen.


2024 - “THUMB NAIL TOE NAIL” , One church, Brighton

2023 - “Oversounds” , Roseberry road studios, Bath

2023 - “Abacus” Fresh Salad, Online gallery space, International

2023 - “Slade Degree show” The Slade, Bloomsbury, London

2023 - “Interim” Candid Arts Trust, Angel, London

2023 - “Canyon” Rupture Exhibit, Kingston, London

2022 - "Juice Box" Rupture Exhibit, Kingston, London

2022 - “Muddy Mudlarks” Candid Arts Trust, Angel, London

2022 - "Fresh Salad" Centre Space, Bristol

2020 - “Tuntemattomat” Tasku-galleriassa, Vallila, Helsinki

2020 - “JUICE” MCI School Art space, Shenzhen, Hong Kong

2019 - Alvaro Barrington’s Studio “Spaceship, Dungeon, Zoo” London

2019  - The Truman Brewery “Origins Creative Arts Festival” London

2019 - Chelsea Triangle space “Final year show” London

2019 - The Royal Academy “Mayfair Art Weekend” London

2018 - BAFTA “Triforce Short Film festival” London

2018 - The Royal Academy “RA Student Night the Birthday Party” London