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In the absence of a better word, phenomena describes my perception over time or in the blink of an eye arising from the exploration of materials. The experience of phenomena sparks a response I am compelled to recreate.

In this pursuit, I experiment with plaster, devices, water, fabric, or anything that simulates it or gives expression to metaphysical composition. Aware of my perception, I control levels of light; in focusing, it becomes my abstracted feelings.

I seek to translate this data, imitating and recording it on the camera’s retina as if it were my own.

Out of this exploration, I create an unfamiliar impression of reality. Feelings of detachment have been a theme: a lone rock; a particle of light; a blob of paint in a dark expanse or changing landscape. What is isolated returns to primordial ooze at the beginning of the universe, waiting for a reaction. 

Recent Work          

Screaming Hole

A kaleidoscopic tunnel channels other worldly light and dark to the screen, gusted screams of air escape from gaps in the black, computerised arteries.

Debris spins around a grey watery sky while winds move the hair atop hills, an alien fragment of light tied in weeds lurks beneath watching, breathing.