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Kitchen Sink

 - 2022

Debris spins around a grey watery sky while winds move the hair atop hills, an alien fragment of light tied in weeds lurks beneath watching, breathing.

We see a grey saturated landscape and aqueous mercury sky, behind a hilltop of undulating grass sifting through particles of dirt and dust as they pass. Further away from the stormy exterior and down amongst the flowing hairs, we breathe in and out, seduced by the passive movement of the wind animated reeds. A sound as if we held our ear to a cavernous shell is constant.

Then cut to the submerged remains of a glowing pebble or a hidden window in the dark. Long sprawling roots reach out towards the surface from the light of the lone seed.

Further we delve toward the origin. The fragment seems to be strangled by the tendrils rather than their source of life. Just another piece of debris caught between the follicles of the Hill.

Cut back out to the full hill being battered by a gale, back to where we started.