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Screaming Hole

 - 2022

A kaleidoscopic tunnel channels other worldly light and dark to the screen, gusted screams of air escape from gaps in the black, computerised arteries.

Screaming hole opens with muted blue rings coming in and out of focus, establishing the screen as akin to a retina. We look out of the hole or into a microscope, taking in the blue light at the end of the tunnel.

The film cuts to a deep blue, pulsating jelly-like creature, or maybe a muscle, that pushes to one side revealing a black cavity muting the rich blue colours. 

Screaming winds break out from the void, a Geiger counter-like sound is intermittently heard through the screams, an aural equivalent of radiation or light emerging from the hole.

The void grows and shrinks, distorting the reflections on the outer rings until the blue light is completely saturated and imagery returns to a hole-less glow.