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- 2022

A tranquil, seemingly well-formed ’Martian’ pile of sand is blown in the wind as an organism eats away matter from beneath, pulling down from the centre of the hill into a well. 

Untitled opens in black & white, a flat layer of sand fills the screen, a bump in the sand lined with shadows darts across. The creature moving underneath glides around and off screen, pushing up like a baby in the womb, shifting under the skin. Accompanied with the deep distorted sound of wind battering a paper wall. An ominous ringing chimes in and sits in waiting, the creature starts circling the same area.

Cut to an aerial shot of a sand pile. The sound of grains crunching fades in, and some grains of sand fall down the hill intermittently. The ringing stops. The view shifts to a profile view of the sand just piled in the centre lacking the skin texture and bodily shape. The sound of strong wind picks up and more grains fall away.

Back to the aerial position the sand is a darker orange hue; scratching sounds echo from beneath and the bump in the centre wobbles, the foetus is poking up beneath the sand, testing. The hill starts to churn and grains cave into a hole in the centre.

The sand is being grabbed from beneath and pulled down to a single point, the hill pulses up and down becoming more of a stretched connected layer than disconnected pile.

Pulling stronger this time to tear a hole in the layer of sand, but to no avail and the sand is left to rest, lifeless once more.